Jonathan Mase

Healthcare, Business, & Entrepreneurship

Jonathan Mase – Healthcare Professional

Jonathan Mase has spent over a decade working across numerous capacities in the healthcare industry. Jonathan’s eclectic background includes both administrative and clinical experience in various healthcare settings in the Northeast.

Jonathan is currently employed in Monroe, New Jersey, in the home health care sector. As a Nurse Care Manager, Mase leverages his years of experience in the field to perform patient assessments, provide education to patients and families, in addition to implementing action plans. For the past two years, Jonathan has supervised RNs, LPNs, and CHHAs in various home care settings. Working with both private-pay and insurance-based clients, Jonathan Mase ensures all patients and families feel comfortable as they navigate complex healthcare needs. As a Manager of Field Care Nurses, Jonathan helps families and patients through comprehensive home care solutions customized to fit each individual’s unique needs. Offering the highest quality of standards, Jonathan ensures the most stringent guidelines are followed by staff so that patients can get both the proper help and relief that they need. 


Before his most recent positions, Jonathan Mase worked in various residential settings as a CHHA and DSP. For nearly three years, Jonathan provided support services for clients with physical, intellectual, and psychiatric disabilities in a group home and private settings. Jonathan has also served as a Director of Operations and Director of Business Development in Paramus, New Jersey, where he successfully modified and implemented various hospital operational, clinical, and regulatory needs. He has also been responsible for the development of clinical forms, audits, surveys, and associated methods of parsing and presenting data. As the Director of Business Development, Jonathan has also been the project manager for various grants, certificates of need, and outreach initiatives. 

Outside of the health care industry, Jonathan Mase has also worked as a consultant, providing marketing solutions through search engine optimization, online reputation management, and social media management to both individuals and organizations. Mase has also worked as a substitute teacher in the New York area for more than five years. 

Jonathan Mase earned a Master of Business Administration with a Healthcare Management concentration from The University of Phoenix. He also holds a Master of Science in Teaching from St. Thomas Aquinas College. Throughout his career, Jonathan has earned a plethora of licenses and certifications. Mase holds a human resources management certificate, a total quality management certificate, a medical billing & coding certificate, a grant writing certificate, a digital literacy/IT certificate, in addition to a Microsoft® Office proficiency certificate. Jonathan Mase is a proud member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, the American Nurses Association, and the National Association of Emergency Medicine. 

Jonathan Mase’s diverse professional background has helped him foster a unique approach to his management methodology. A natural and compassionate leader, Mase emphasizes team-building strategies that inspire both individual and organizational growth. With nearly two decades of professional experience, Jonathan Mase’s areas of expertise include policy development and implementation, management, quality improvement, financial management, digital marketing, and administration. For more information about Jonathan Mase’s career, connect with him on LinkedIn, or check out his blog today!